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Towels are an indispensable part of the bathroom. They not only fulfill practical functions, but also make a significant contribution to creating a cozy atmosphere in the bathroom. Due to the large number of towels, the selection is often very difficult. Guest Fingertip towels, Bath towels, Shower sheet, bath and sauna towels, Face Hand towels and Washcloth are the most common forms of towels. They have a different size, shape, color and texture. So it is possible to choose the right towel or towels for every need.

In addition to the different sizes, there are different thicknesses of towel. Most towels weigh about 350 grams per square meter, but there may be variations depending on the brands. In general, the heavier the towel, the higher the quality.

Pink Towel set


Washcloth                                          12" x 12"

Fingertip Guest Towels                      11" x 18"

Hand Towels                                      20" x 30"

Bath Towels                                       30" x 56"

Bath Sheets                                       40" x 70"

A large towel is ideal for the beach, sauna or shower. Smaller towels on the other hand are advantageous for traveling. They fit in every pocket and hardly take up any space. But also for guests in your guest bathroom they should not be missing. Depending on your needs, decide on the right towel for you.

Bath towel When choosing a bath towel , pay attention to the grammage and composition of the material. Bath towels are mostly made of pure cotton of high quality. Above a surface weight of at least 500 g / m² they are characterized by their special comfort: they are thicker woven and thus more durable, but at the same time also very soft and absorbent. By the way, the tumble dryer makes the terry cloth beautifully airy and a dash of vinegar in the washing-up liquid chamber of your washing machine is an environmentally friendly alternative to chemical softeners.

Depending on which occasions your new bath towel is to be used, whether you are rather the practical quick shower or on wellness in the private bathroom, you should make your choice. Summarized the most important tips and information:

  • Large, fluffy bath towels extend the feeling of well-being with their cuddling factor. Smaller and thinner or lighter models, however, are usually cheaper and are sufficient for everyday use completely.
  • Bath towels made of velour terry are particularly soft. The fastest drying models are microfibers, making them ideal travel companions.
  • Should your bath towel also be used abroad? In confusing spaces such as a large swimming pool, finding your place in a bright color or eye-catching pattern will make it easier to find your place.
  • Tidy and tidy it works, if at your home a stack of bath towels in the same color or at least in similar shades. Especially stylish are models with borders.
  • Could a towel set be something for you? This guarantees a uniform design in the bathroom.
  • Bath towels should be washed at 60 degrees Celsius or hotter and not ironed unless otherwise stated. They soften when you put a splash of vinegar in the machine.

Shower sheet A shower sheet is slightly smaller than a bath towel and has the same function. So you can use it at the exit of the shower to dry you. The shower towel is ideal if you find heavy bath towels.

Fingertip guest towels

Hand Face Towel The dimensions of a standard towel are 20 x 30 inch. This model can be used to dry hands and face after washing. Towels are usually made of terry cloth, cotton or velvet. They are soft and do not irritate the skin.

Guest Fingertip Towels Most guest towels are offered in the size 11 x 18 inches. Often a guest towel is used only once by the guests and then thrown into a basket or container specially set up in the bathroom, so that the next guest can get a fresh towel again. Due to the compact size you save yourself in this practice huge laundry mountains. But also because a guest toilet is often not very spacious, the small towels are perfect.

Guest Fingertip Towels

The thicker the terry, the better the quality of the guest towels. High, even loops and a cuddly soft handle of the towels are a good indication. Because of the optimal absorbency compared to synthetic fibers, high-quality guest towels are made of pure cotton.

Small towel A small towel, or washcloth, looks like a washcloth, but it has a slightly larger size. These towels are specially designed to clean your face. Use them, for example, to remove makeup or cleanse your face with water after shaving.

Washcloth A washcloth is not officially a towel, but it is an article that is useful in your bathroom. The washcloths are generally used for face washing and are very practical to use because of their small size.

Towels for commercial use:
Embroidered towel articles such as bathrobes, bath sauna towels, fingertip guest towels are in the commercial sector (hotels and guesthouses, spa, hairdressing salons, beauty salons, promotional marketing gift) very popular. A towel embroidered with company logo or slogan conveys a high quality and professional impression on the clients or patients. We offer a wide range of quality terry velour fingertip guest towels in many colors at wholesale bulk prices.

The Fabrics

Bath towels can be made of different materials - usually they are made of cotton, terry cloth, a blended fabric of cotton and synthetic fibers, more rarely also of linen or microfibers. Which substance has specific advantages and when a corresponding bath towel can be the ideal companion?

Most of the bathroom linen is pure cotton, but there are also towels made of bamboo viscose, linen, soy and microfiber. For your accommodation, cotton and bamboo are more suitable .

  • Cotton is a natural sponge material that is known for its absorption qualities. In addition, it is flexible and resistant to repeated washing. Towels made of cotton are skin-friendly, hard-wearing and durable. Due to the rough weave they also have a great suction power. At the same time they dry comparatively fast. A classic in the bathroom and great for everyday use.
  • Linen, Towels made of this natural and skin-friendly material have the great advantage of not linting, and are also easy to clean and tear-proof. Since they are very firm, drying them with them also has a slight massage effect and thereby promotes blood circulation.
  • Bamboo has the advantage of being resistant, soft and above all more absorbent than cotton, but it has the disadvantage of being longer to dry.
  • Microfibers, as towels made of microfibers have woven-in cavities, they are particularly absorbent, but above all fast-drying and also antibacterial. At the same time, they have a low dry weight compared to other models and can be folded very small - ideal for those who need to save space while traveling, for example.

    The Grammage

    The grammage is the weight of the towel per square meter , it is translated in g / m 2 . The larger the number, the more absorbent the towel will be. The quality of the bathroom linen will therefore depend on this basis weight which must be at least 450 g / m 2 . Towels between 600 and 700 g / m 2 will be more qualitative with a soft and good thickness.

    The Type of Fiber

    The quality of the towels also depends on the natural fibers it contains, because they are the ones that bring softness. To be concise, the longer the fibers are, the softer the textile will be to the touch. The flatter they are, the lower the quality of the towel. Traditional cotton is recommended for your seasonal rental business, but you can also choose Egyptian cotton (its 4 cm fiber makes it the softest cotton in the world), velvet cotton (soft but also less absorbent), cotton organic (ideal for babies and allergy sufferers), honeycomb (less absorbent but space saving and quick to dry), carded or combed cotton (for their softness) or cotton soft loop (resistant it does not fray).


    The towels are often decorated with a batten. What is it about ? It is the embroidered band, chiselled or jacquard that decorates the towel. It gives originality, but its disadvantage is that washing high temperature, it tends to shrink. Privilege simple models for your rental. However, you can bring your personal touch. It is indeed possible to paint a logo, initials or a drawing on the textile as we saw on the DIY customization of the linens .

    Good to know or remind

    • Remember to wash new towels to remove dyes and chemicals.

    • Drying the towels in the dryer gives them more swelling than if they had been dried on a clothesline.

    • Using too much softener may alter the absorbency of the fibers.

    • Choose towels that will match the colors of the bathroom or shower room. Color napkins have the advantage of allowing travelers to find their way around the ones they use. On the contrary, it is true that these tinted towels lose their luster over time. White towels can be bleached, but it also spoils them more quickly.



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